Posted by: Andrew Hemingway | October 25, 0201

How to use YouTube Direct to grow your Community

We are all very aware of the explosive growth of online video, but have we figured out how to use it to help our communities? We know that members of our community are posting and watching videos online, but can we harness that power to grow our communities?

I want to introduce you to YouTube Direct. Direct allows you to invite members of your community to upload videos that they create to your communities account. Now this was created with the “citizen journalist“in mind, and it is a great tool for that. But, I think there is a great way to use this tool that could explode the growth of your community, and the brand it represents.

Built on the API if YouTube for ease of use, setting up Direct is very easy and straightforward. Once that is complete, members of your site can submit a video they have created, the video is placed in a Queue for you to review and approve. If approved the video is added to your channel, and linked directly back to your corporate site.

So many communities and companies are saying “hey take a video and post it and we will give you a free T-shirt”, or whatever the particular pitch is at the time. But when you go to do it, it is so cumbersome, and irritating that most just do not do it. If I am going to help promote your brand at least make it easy is what users are saying. So now with Direct it is so easy, and in a format most users are familiar with. On top of all that all the content goes on your channel, so you grow your video presence with no work or budget spent.

A great example of this is Bee MD. They created a contest here: They are using Direct and it is a great success. So easy to use, no cost to the company with hosting etc. and their YouTube channel is growing. And it is all branded Bee MD!

This week setup Direct give it a test run, and I think you will see that it is an awesome tool that if used wisely could explode the growth of your community.


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