Posted by: Andrew Hemingway | November 14, 2009

What does a Community Manger do on the Weekends?

Relaxing by beach The same thing they do all week. An effective online community manager never stops managing their community. So many communities fail because a manager will take time off. I’m sorry for those of you out there that are looking at this new exciting field as a way to easy street, but that is just not reality.

Community Management is very difficult. There is no easy way to break it to you. Do not take a Community Management position if you think that you are going to float through. You won’t! I keep hearing all this talk about pay lately, and certainly there is a place for that, but seriously how many candidates out there can actually do the job-nothing to say for doing it well.

To all you Community Managers out there that are doing what you do well, I tip my hat! Thank you!

To those of you looking for a quick pay day with out any work…Keep looking Community Management is not for you.

Have a great weekend!




  1. Right on. Just because the results are not easily measured/tangible does not mean we’re not putting in much effort!

    Just this weekend I was on skype with a community member Friday til Sunday, as he needed to deliver something I need (with deadlines to boot). I also had to do updates on one of our social media channels (upload videos, update captions etc). I did it in between house chores and grocery shopping.

    When it comes to taking time off (extended this time, beyond weekends), it’s either go all out or not do it at all. That’s why my leaves are always planned months ahead. So I can prepare whoever can takeover while I’m away. I’m also suggesting “going all out” because unless we totally “unplug” ourselves from work, well all know too well how easy it is to get sucked backed in. :d

    • Thanks for the comments. It is all about managing your time away. Thanks for your insight into how you handle time away!

  2. […] the time to push harder than ever. Andrew Hemingway wrote about how community managers need to do the same thing all weekend that they do during the week and Chris Brogan talked about taking things up a notch during the holiday season. Now I really like […]

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