Posted by: Andrew Hemingway | November 15, 2009

I have a Community Management question…

question-mark3a The Art of Community Management is one that is never fully learned. There are so many challenging twists and turns that a manager’s job is never done. Neither is their learning. I just created a page on my site that I hope will turn into a great resource for you and all Community Managers. I am calling it “Top Questions” and if you visit the page you will see that what I have done.

Any question you have about Community Management can be asked here. I will take the question and forward it on through my network of professionals. Once I have an answer or two, I will post those and the person who gave it to me. I will of course create a short Bio, and link to their blog etc. But the point is that you get your question answered by a pro.

If you have the question you know others have it as well, so please for their sake and yours ask it. Just post your question in the comments section. I will take it and post it in the thread, and then send it to my All Star Virtual Panel.

Are you ready to learn? Go here and ask a question.



  1. Good morning Andrew,

    Many thanks for getting back to me so swiftly, I had planned on touching base next week but have come up with an issue I really could use your advise with!

    Here is the question :

    As the Community Manager of the site, how can I participate in a discussion when inherently, as the Community Manager I am working for the company and any view I have, will be assumed to be that of the company.
    There will be times when I will want to be part of a discussion which could be very heated & my views as an Ex Merchant Navy Officer might be in conflict with a Company with which my current company is doing business?

    How do I get around this? Do I moderate as a faceless person & have a normal user login to interact? This way I feel goes against everything I feel a Community Manager should be?
    I honestly have no idea how to get around this issue. As it stands now I feel that if I moderate I am going to find it very hard to take part in any real meaningful discussion.

    This is a major stumbling block for me! ANY advise you could give me would be very much appreciated.



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