Posted by: Andrew Hemingway | November 20, 2009

Your Community is in Danger…

Your community is in danger. A very real danger, and your enemies are just waiting to destroy what you have worked so hard to create. Do you know where they are? Are you watching out for the attacks, or are you too busy to see the signs of a coming attack.

So many managers are so busy that they miss the very obvious signs that your community is about to be attacked. Busy with the day-to-day activities that are good, but do not protect you from an attack.

So, who are these enemies? They are a number of different animals from software viruses to what I call wolves in sheep’s clothing. It is the wolves that I want to warn against, and give you a few activities to ward these predators off.

First you have to be in touch. There is no better deterrent to a wolf than for you to have a visible active presence in your community. You have to wear so many hats as a manager and one of them is guardian. An active and visible presence will let wolves know that you mean business, and that if they think they are going to mess with your sheep that they better think again. OK..a little Mr. T there “I pity the fool”…

Second, you need to be ready to take action. A very wise man once told me that as a leader there are times you have to “cause trouble to save trouble”. There are times when you have to be ready to step up and confront a problem member in your community before they are able to cause irreparable damage to your community. You have to be able to see when a member is a part of your community for the wrong reasons, and you must have the strength to remove this person from you community. Are you up to it? Your sheep are depending on you.

Third, You have to ensure you members safety- Sheep by nature will flee when threatened. Their defense is to run. So it is with members of your community. The natural reaction to any threat is to flee immediately and never come back. You cannot afford to let any member ever threaten another member, or for any member to feel unsafe inside your community. You will find members that will bully and harass other members, and you have to get out in front of that. There is no place for that in any community, and to allow it will only breed more of it. If your members feel unsafe or threatened they are gone. Stick up for them and they will thank you with their loyalty.

Hopefully these few thoughts will be a help to you. These were learned tha hard way, so please take these lessons to heart and save yourself and your community the trouble.





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