Posted by: Andrew Hemingway | December 19, 2010

3 Things Every Community Manager should do on Sunday

Every Community manager should do 3 very important things on Sunday. Sundays are days that for some communities see less activity, this is not true for all I know. So on Sunday I always recommend that CMs do some different things.

  1. Step away– But what if the world crashes down and my community explodes into a million pieces…Your community will be okay. Really! You need to step back a little, take some time to get outside change with family, watch some football or just do something else. I only check email two times on Sundays. This helps me to completely step away, otherwise I am checking my phone non stop for emails, just waiting for the whole thing to crash. You need time to get away for a few minutes. So on Sunday- Step Away!
  2. Breathe Deep– All of us are creative, this is a mark of a good manager. We need to engage in activities that encourage, not tax that creative energy. Everyday we expend an immense amount of creative energy on our communities. We need to make sure to recharge this energy, or else we are constantly running on empty. Just relaxing does not restore my Creative energy, I need to engage in an activity, but that activity needs to be energizing. I like to visit art exhibits, or museums. This is incredibly relaxing for me, but it also provides real inspiration to my creative energy. What activity can you undertake that will have this same affect on you? My friend an excellent manager enjoys Yoga. SHe throws herself into her Yoga and that stimulates her creative juices. You need to find an activity that does this for you. It is critical for your success. So on Sunday…Breathe Deep and energize your creativity.
  3. Think Big– I know that for many of you there is just no escaping your community. Even if you are at the grocery store, something will make you think about your community. This is not a bad thing at all, rather it is a sign of your passion for your work, and I love it. But in Sunday I want to encourage you to think Big. So when I think about my community on Sunday it will start with a specific task, or member, but on Sundays I stop and consider the big picture. I really use my down time to regain my scope, so much of our work is in the trenches that we lose sight of the big picture the end game, but on Sunday I think Big

I like Sundays because they give me the opportunity to Step Away, Breathe Deep, and Think Big.


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