public-speaking I welcome the opportunity to come and to speak to your group about shepherding communities. Seeing communities grow and thrive is my passion, and if I can help those in your group to solve problems, or to see their communities in another light, than I believe that I have been successful.

My style is very relaxed, I love a good discussion, and like all good community managers I am able to steer discussions to a targeted conclusion. I also do more formal presentations to upper management on the need for a “brand” to be involved in communities today, and how to be involved in communities.  I have consulted and helped executives see the need for their brand to start, or join online communities. If you are a Community Manager struggling with getting your superiors to see the “light”, contact me. I can help you and your company reach its’ goals.

The world of Online Community Management is changing so fast that professionals are looking for information on this topic anywhere they can get it. Make sure they are getting it from a trusted source with years of experience.

Topics that I could speak on include, but are not limited to:

  1. Shepherding 2.0 – Tips taken from the oldest profession known to man and applying them to today’s Online Communities.
  2. Where is your community going? Are you leading the sheep or are they leading you? How to point your community in the right direction.
  3. Brands Building Communities- The “Why”, the “How”, and the “When”
  4. Internal Communities – Build communities to aid internal communications, crowd surfing for product ideas, and aid in employee retention.

Please feel free to contact me:

Email: Akreins@gmail.com

Phone: (603) 203-4063


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